Arkansas Bankruptcy Attorneys

Debt can happen to anyone. Sometimes a sudden crisis like a job loss, illness or injury, or a family crisis throws you into debt. Sometimes debt builds slowly over time until one day, you realize you can’t find your way out. Too many people struggle for too long out of pride or embarrassment—but that only allows the problem to get worse.

At the Lambert & Perry Law Firm, our Little Rock bankruptcy attorneys help hardworking people throughout Arkansas restructure or eliminate debt. Our entire practice is devoted to Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The government created those options because people need—and deserve—help to get back on track financially. We put those tools into action for you.

As soon as we do, calls from creditors stop, car repossessions and home foreclosures are halted, and you’re protected from garnishments. When the bankruptcy process is over, most kinds of debt, including medical and credit card debt, are wiped out.

Don’t let your financial past hold you back. Let us help you rebuild your financial future.