Can I pay my bankruptcy off early?

Yes, but there are some limitations on it. If you think you will have enough money to pay off your bankruptcy, let us know right away so that we can get a payoff from the trustee.

I want to sell some of my property, what do I need to do?

Let us know right away. There is usually paperwork that needs to be filed before things like homes, land, or vehicles (even if you own them outright) can be sold and we can help you with that process.

Can I add bills to my bankruptcy?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Call us and we can let you know if it is a bill that can be added or if we need to notify your creditor of the bankruptcy.

Can I reduce my payments?

It depends on your case. Please call us and we can discuss your options with you.

My car was totaled, or my car has stopped working. Can I get another one?

Yes, but you will need to discuss options with us. Sometimes, paperwork must be filed with the court before you can get a replacement vehicle. We are happy to guide you through this process.

I lost my job, what are my options?

We may be able to reduce or even stop bankruptcy payments while you search for a new job or wait for unemployment payments. However, we can’t do this until you let us know so be sure to call us ASAP if you’ve lost your job.

I got a new job, do I need to let you know?

Yes! We will need to update your budget to reflect any changes to your income. If you are on payroll-deduction, we will also need to update your employer with the court and the trustee so an order to pay can be sent to your new employer.

I’ve moved or changed phone numbers, do I need to let you know?

Yes! You will receive a lot of important information regarding your bankruptcy via mail, so we need to have your current address. Once you notify us, we will let the court and the trustee know so that all mail is directed to your new address. We also need to be able to get ahold of you by phone.

What should I do if I can’t make my payment this month?

Call our office ASAP. Our attorneys may be able to temporarily lower your payments or there may be other options that we can discuss with you.