How long do I have to complete the second class?

You must complete your second class before you receive a discharge. Ideally, you should complete this as soon after your case is filed as you can. If you have forgotten or lost the information, call us and we will work with you to make sure you are able to complete the course before you get your discharge.

I got something in the mail about the second bankruptcy course, do I need to pay for this?

If you have filed for bankruptcy with us, then you will have already paid for your second course when you paid your filing fee, so there is no need to pay any other company for the same thing. If you did not file with us but have retained us to represent you, please contact our office before paying for any other courses as ours may be cheaper.

I already did one class, do I have to do a second one?

There are two classes that must be completed in every bankruptcy case. One is done before your case is filed and one is done after. If you have only done one class, then you still have a second class that must be done. Contact us if you need information on your second class.