What if my vehicle is totaled or I need to finance a replacement?

In most cases, debtors can get financing for a replacement vehicle while they are in bankruptcy if their current vehicle breaks down or is totaled. This will require court approval, but our attorneys can walk you through that process.

How do I rebuild my credit after a bankruptcy filing?

First, report your discharge to the credit reporting bureaus. Then, check your credit report to make sure it is updated. After that, make sure to stay current on your payments and do not use more credit than you need. There are lots of good articles online on how to manage credit and improve your credit score and these apply whether you have filed bankruptcy or not.

Will I still be able to get loans/credit after filing bankruptcy?

Typically, yes. While many lending decisions will involve other factors, such as your current income, many of our clients qualify for vehicle loans and other loans after they complete their bankruptcies. Many even qualify for home loans.

Will bankruptcy ruin my credit?

No, credit can be rebuilt after a bankruptcy filing. It is true that bankruptcy will have a temporary impact on your credit but, with a little time and responsible credit habits, you can get your credit score back into good standing.