Can I keep my tax refund if I’m in bankruptcy?

Typically, you will keep your refund during bankruptcy. However, there are some exceptions where the IRS, state, or child support office may offset your refunds. If you have any concerns, then your attorney can discuss how it works.

What if I haven’t filed my taxes in a while?

You can still retain us to prepare a bankruptcy filing for you, but you will need to file your taxes ASAP. A bankruptcy can be dismissed (i.e. kicked out) for unfiled taxes. We will help you come up with a plan to get the taxes filed and still get relief from your debts.

I owe state and/or federal taxes. Can bankruptcy help?

Yes! Bankruptcy can help with tax debt. While not all tax debt is dischargeable, filing for bankruptcy can stop a lawsuit or garnishment from tax debt. It can also provide a more affordable payment plan than the state or the IRS may be willing to offer. Our experienced attorneys can go over this information and how it will apply to your situation during your free consultation.